It is no surprise to many of us that the legalization of marijuana has created blossoming new industries.

Let’s take a few moments to review some of the most ridiculous reasons to end the prohibition against the devil’s lettuce.

1. Freedom of choice.


If individuals are responsible enough to regulate alcohol, cigarettes, and prescription pills, then they should be responsible enough to regulate a substance that is statistically less harmful. 


2. Eliminate organization crime.

The best approach to winning the war on drugs is to end it. Eliminate the opportunity for the black market to exist and watch it go up in smoke. 


3. Statistically less harmful.


Over much of the past Century marijuana has been portrayed as a dangerous and threatening drug. But as ignorance weans and science prevails, it turns out that marijuana is a relatively safe substance when used in moderation as a developed adult.


4. Increased tax revenue.

At a time when Governments are starving for tax revenue, why not leverage the medicinal characteristics of marijuana and tax it like other controlled substances. It's all around good business.


5. Medical research.

Our inability to effectively research marijuana is preventing medical professionals from understanding the extent of the medicinal applications for the Cannabis plant. 


6. Non-violent offenders.

Why are we allowing our young people to be forced into penitentiaries for non-violent drug related crimes when we know that a significant amount of non-violent offenders come out of prison as violent individuals.


7. Sustainable resource.

When I was a kid, I wanted to become a professional hemp bracelet maker. I thought to myself "I'm going to get people so fucked up!". My dream died when I realized that it doesn't work like that. 


8. Quality is regulated.

Regulating through licensed producers enables the end-user to better understand what they're consuming. Regulation has proven to better ensure consistency of quality and potency.


9. Freed up resources.

It's time that we stop wasting resources on enforcing cannabis laws and start embracing the obvious benefits of this incredibly versatile resource.